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By July 20, 2015Sock Reviews

Post by: Alicia Moon of Golf Fashion Weekly.  

“How many golf socks do you go through in a year? Did you know that the average active person goes through 12-24 pairs of cotton socks during the lifespan of one pair of Swiftwick socks?!

Swiftwick socks are also knit at 200 needles- the highest density used in sock fabrication. “Our socks are so tightly knitted that trail debris or foreign material can’t penetrate your sock to cause irritation and blistering.” I chose to test this claim myself by carrying out a full practice session and a few holes of play in only my socks. The verdict: I could have easily played a full 18 holes in just the socks. Swiftwick socks perform as a protective second skin and even provided some foot hugging comfort and support.


Swiftwick socks are designed and product tested by athletes for athletes. Every pair of Swiftwick socks has four key components in mind to provide: Managed Compression, Blister Free, Chemical Free Wicking, and Anti-Odor. Can your sock drawer boast of as many traits? If not, perhaps it needs a Swiftwick make-over.

With 200 ligaments and 35 muscles in the foot, sockwear that is built to reduce swelling, improve circulation, prevent blistering, pull sweat and eliminate odor should clearly be of importance to a golfer who spends half of his or her day on the feet. Not to mention that they come in a variety of fun colors that are easy to color coordinate.

Swiftwick socks are made solely in the USA, and the company boasts of it. Swiftwick is proud of all of their nationwide involvement. Swiftwick most recently decided to donate socks to the Pujols Family Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic to help efforts in raising awareness regarding children with down syndrome. As the company’s favorite motto is “Do What Moves You,” it seems they are doing just that.

To order your own PERFORMANCE or ASPIRE golf socks, visit Swiftwick.com.

As always, remember to make your swing your best accessory. “The sexiest thing on any golfer is a great swing!”

– Alicia Moon

Alicia Moon is an avid golfer, sports and fashion journalist, and spokeswoman. Alicia enjoys a tri-coastal lifestyle, traveling mostly between Orlando, New York and Los Angeles. After earning her B.A. in Western Philosophy, Alicia went on to devote herself to the creative worlds of dance, art, writing, film, and theater, producing a number of her own independent projects world-wide. Alicia has accompanied those credentials with certifications in both yoga and TPI fitness training, as she greatly enjoys helping others reach their life goals through restructuring habits. Her sense of humor and fearless approach to life are her favorite personal qualities, and she is enormously passionate about the game of golf. Her ultimate aspirations are to contribute to the growth of the game through the world of media; creatively, intelligently, and with much humor.

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