The hockey world: cut-resistant hockey socks

By June 30, 2015Sock Reviews

Post by: Matt Austin of Hockey World Blog

Ever since Erik Karlsson’s Achilles was cut by Matt Cooke back in 2013, many gear manufacturers have started producing cut-resistant socks. While these socks certainly aren’t going to prevent every cut, they do form a reasonable defense against skate blades.

One such company producing these socks is Swiftwick. They were kind enough to send us a pair of their cut resistant compression socks to review, and we have compiled our thoughts below.

Swiftwick Cut Resistant Compression SocksDesign and Construction:
The Swiftwick cut-resistant compression socks are designed using nylon, HG cut resistant technology, Olefin, and spandex. The combination is used to create a sock with strategically placed cut resistant zones on the back of the leg, as well as the front.

Swiftwick’s design is a bit more unique than those of competitors because the whole sock is not made of cut resistant material. Instead, there is a zone on the back of the sock, from the calf down to the Achilles, where cut resistant material is present. Then there is a second cut resistant zone on the front, just above the ankle, to offer additional protection for players who may flop their tongues out.

The socks feature moisture wicking properties, as well as compression technology. They have also included antimicrobial technology to keep your socks and feet odor-free.

Overall Impressions:
Cut resistant socks have become a pretty popular product over the past few years. Each manufacturer finds a different way to do it, and I really like what Swiftwick is offering. They place the cut resistant materials in the areas where you need it the most and use other materials for the rest of the socks.

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