THIN WOOL Review from Detroit Runner

By November 10, 2015Sock Reviews

Post by: Detroit Runner

A few weeks ago I received a couple pair of Swiftwick PURSUIT THIN WOOL socks for review.

Swiftwick makes numerous lines of socks, and I’ve pretty much tried them all and wear them all, at this point. Their PURSUIT line is made with Merino wool. I never thought I would be one that would like wool socks, but these have much more of a tech feeling to them, meaning they are not itchy like you would expect from wool socks.

These socks are also their thinnest line of socks they make. I used to wear their PULSE line which is also a really thin sock but they stopped making that line (which I really loved!) so this is my next best choice. The most unique feature to the PURSUIT line is the Merino wool feature. The wool does several things for you. It helps keep sweat off your feet when it gets warm. In fact, sometimes when I finish my run, my feet feel cool since my feet stay dry. In addition, they also help in cold weather too to keep your feet warm. You would not think that they would be good for all seasons including summer, but they really help wick the sweat.

These pairs are the “FIVE” heights, and Swiftwick makes numerous heights including ZERO (which is like their no show length) up to height TWELVE (which is like a full size that goes over your calf).

Now I would not be one to pick out this length especially for summer, but I do notice for trail running that they do a better job of keeping dirt out of my socks. A benefit I would not have known had I not been sent this height. For summer though, I prefer the “ONE” height, which is high enough that you protect your skin from hitting your shoes. In winter, these will be perfect and provide a little extra protection from the elements.

The fit on these, just like all the rest of their line of socks, is incredible.  I’ve been wearing Swiftwick socks for several years now exclusively, and I’ve been very happy with them. They don’t move around at all, and I never get blisters wearing these. Also the compression is really nice on the feet. It’s not extremely tight, but it does not feel loose either. I also like the compression around the ankle since, as a mostly trail runner, it helps keep out debris. I never have issues when using them on the roads either. The sock comes with the seamless toe which is the same on all of their socks.

Overall, another great pair of Swiftwick socks. These will definitely be my “go-to” sock for winter this season to help keep me from freezing. Give me warm feet, and I can run in any weather! I would recommend picking up a pair and trying them for yourself. Retail prices vary based on the length but start at $12.99.

Thanks to Swiftwick for sending these to me to test.

Have a great day and…. Keep running!!!!