The 12 Socks of Christmas: 2015

By December 14, 2015Spotlight

Christmas is just around the corner, and socks make the best gifts. Check out these merry rhymes for picking the best socks for everyone on your list!

SocksofXmas_11Aspire On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
the ASPIRE FOUR Orange so I’ll be blister-free!

SocksofXmas_2Vibe On the 2nd day of Christmas, I need a great sock for runs.
I picked the VIBE ZERO, now my Christmas shopping is done!

SocksofXmas_3Pursuit On the 3rd day of Christmas, I need a sock to keep me cozy.
I may have bought you the PURSUIT FOUR, but don’t you be nosy!

SocksofXmas_4Performance0 On the 4th day of Christmas, looking for the folks at work.
Go with the PERFORMANCE ZERO– it has so many perks!

SocksofXmas_5TeamGreen On the 5th day of Christmas, shopping is harder than it seems!
The VISION EIGHT is a great sock for my team!

SocksofXmas_6Aspire12 On the 6th day of Christmas, I need a sock for friends who work long hours. Go with the ASPIRE TWELVE– compression gives your legs power!

SocksofXmas_7VibeBLUE On the 7th day of Christmas, a gift for my dad, I have no clue! How about some Swiftwicks? Maybe the VIBE TWO?

SocksofXmas_8VisionAPride On the 8th day of Christmas, “There’s so much left to do,” I sighed. Fear not, weary shopper! Get the American Pride!

SocksofXmas_9Aspire On the 9th day of Christmas, if your feet excessively perspire, look no further than the ZERO Red ASPIRE!

SocksofXmas_10Pursuit On the 10th day of Christmas, blisters attack. SIKE, that won’t happen in the PURSUIT ONE Black!

SocksofXmas_11Aspire On the 11th day of Christmas, for someone special who needs a little more, you’ve got to go with the ASPIRE FOUR.

SocksofXmas_12TeamRed On the 12th day of Christmas, the merriest sock of them all. Get the VISION TEAM in red, and have a Merry Christmas, y’all!

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