Ashley Martinez is from San Antonio, Texas, and her marathon journey began on a dare! She signed up for her first race because her friends bet that she couldn’t do it. It was her freshman year in college, and she had moved from Texas to Minnesota for school. Because of the brutal winter with multiple blizzards, she decided to train ALL her miles on a treadmill.

She completed her first marathon in Fargo, North Dakota in 2013, and it was such a great and empowering experience that she decided she wanted to be one of the youngest people to run a marathon in all 50 states. In 2015, she began her journey to accomplish all 50 states. “It’s always funny to see peoples faces when they find out I’m a marathon runner,” Ashley says. “I do not fit the profile of a typical long distance runner, but you can always catch me on the roads or on the treadmill prepping for my next race.” Her favorite reaction when people find out she want to run all 50 states is “that’s something you do when you are older!” But she loves striving for this goal in her youth. She gets to see so many amazing places and says she wouldn’t want to do anything else.

As of mid-2016, she has run 15 out of 50 states. Since beginning her journey, she has become a part of the 50 States Marathon Club and the Marathon Maniacs. She has completed the Coast to Coast Challenge in additon to having several age group awards under her belt as well. Her very long term goal is to go to the Olympics, and while she has a lot of work to do, she is determined to try her best so she can never be left saying “what if.”

Ashley loves the new MAXUS socks and says they are her first choice for race day. She loves that they keep her blister free and have a ton of cushion.

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