Jamie Bookwalter is a cyclist based out of western North Carolina. She grew up playing soccer and running and ran on a scholarship in college. Unfortunately, overuse injuries forced her to leave the running world in her early twenties, but this is when she began racing mountain bikes. After completing her master’s degree in invasive forest insects from University of Georgia, she raced professionally on the mountain bike for four years. She then went on to race for Colavita Pro Cycling on the road.

Now she lives with her husband part-time in Spain while he races professionally for BMC Racing Team. She works as a bike tour guide in southern Europe and also founded a charity gran fondo, Bookwalter Binge. The charity raises money for a regional land trust in the Southern Appalachians. Jamie keeps active in the race scene by seeking out mountain bike races she enjoys. While much of 2016 she struggled with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in her knees, she was able to race her first mountain bike stage race, the Andalusia Bike Race, in southern Spain with a Catalan friend. In 2016, she cheered her husband on as he finished the Tour de France and competed in the Rio Olympics.

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