Kurt Yaeger was raised in the blue-collar town of South San Francisco, CA and is a former professional BMXer turned actor. He is an adept actor who captured the attention of filmmakers and critics when he starred in the feature film Tenderloin. Since then, he has appeared in multiple film and television projects. Some of his film credits include Dolphin Tale with Morgan Freeman, War Flowers with Christina Ricci, Knife Fight with Rob Lowe, Camel Spiders with Brian Krause, and Piranhaconda with Michael Madsen. His most recent TV credit is the fan favorite character on FX’s hit show Sons Of Anarchy, “Greg, the Peg.”

Yaeger is a below the knee amputee. A motorcycle accident caused the amputation of his left leg. He broke his pelvis, fractured seven vertebras, tore his bladder and found himself in the hospital for more than three months. After twenty-eight surgeries and many months of rehabilitation, Yaeger made a full recovery, his spark for acting returned and he hasn’t let anything stop him. Yaeger continues to ride motorcycles to this day, in addition to  running three to four miles five days a week.

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