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December 3, 2011

PURSUIT™ FOUR Review by Greg Lawrence

December 3rd’s $25 Gift Card winner from our daily Review Contest, Greg Lawrence shares his…
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December 2, 2011

PERFORMANCE™ ONE Review By Armond Moyo

December 2nd's $25 Gift Card winner from our daily Review Contest, Armond Moyo shares his…
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October 23, 2011

Swiftwick Sees The Reality of Adventure Racing At Checkpoint Tracker Championships

Powering through a 24 hour adventure race takes skills, equipment and endurance.  The intense physical…
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October 21, 2011

Swiftwick Discovers It’s ONE Flaw, “Too Damn Good.” at Checkpoint Tracker, 2011.

Nearly every racer crowding into the convention center at Checkpoint Tracker's registration and pre-race meeting…
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October 1, 2011

Meeting The King. Max King, That Is…

Paul Revere jumped on his horse and rode through the city crying: “The British are…
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September 21, 2011

Swiftwick Gives Relief To USA Cycling National Championship MTB Marathon Racers

To ride in a marathon race means the racer has put both time and dedication…
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September 17, 2011

Swiftwick Takes Interbike By Storm

As Swiftwick continues to grow, so does the ravenous fan base that surrounds it. This…
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September 16, 2011

Swiftwick + Ride For Reading + Interbike = Happy Vegas Kids

It is probably a safe bet to say that when you think of Las Vegas,…
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September 16, 2011

Cedars of Lebanon Sprint Triathlon- The Chris Urban Experience

Cedars of Lebanon Sprint Triathlon.  300 meter swim, 16.5 bike, 3 mile run.  My favorite…
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September 14, 2011

Swiftwick’s President Revisits His Roots

Oregon, Oregon, Oregon My home town, home state, and home team have been dominating my…
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September 4, 2011

Swiftwick At USA Cycling National Championships Master’s Road

It is no wonder that the great city of Bend, located in the central region…
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August 28, 2011

Hood To Coast: The Inside Scoop With Dickie and the Swift Chicks

For those of you who have been following along, you know what Hood To Coast…
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